Himachal Pradesh is the land of eternal snow in the north-west of India. The literal meaning of Himachal is 'Land Of Snow'. It is also known as 'Dev Bhoomi' ( the land of Gods). The capital of the state is Shimla and other major towns include Solan, Dharamshala, Kangra, Mandi, Kullu, Chamba, Hamirpur, Dalhousie and Manali. It takes in the frontier zone from the plain to the high Himalaya and in the trans Himalayan region of lahaul and spiti actually crosses that mighty barrier to the Tibetan Plateau.

District Wise Details of Himachal Pradesh

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» Bilaspur
» Chamba
» Hamirpur
» Kinnaur
» Kangra
» Kullu
» Lahaual & Spiti
» Mandi
» Solan
» Sirmaur
» Shimla
» Una


Kinnaur, the north - eastern frontier district of Himachal Pradesh is a secluded region, rugged and mountainous and lies on both the banks of the Sutlej. It commands uniqueness on account of peculiarities of language, history and natural phenomenon. The erstwhile Chini tehsil, which during the princely regime, was a part of the Bushahar State, adjoins western Tibet along the Zanskar mountains. Legendary Kinners, as a distinct race, somewhere between human beings and birds or with a human body and the head of a horse or vice versa.


About 5'000 years ago, Kaza volentered to be a supply Glatorian in case Kiina and Tarix couldn't fight, and was trained by Certavus. Shortly after her training ended, Certavus died of natural causes. Before the Siege of Atero, the Rock Tribe challenged Tajun for the rights to an oasis, but Kiina and Tarix were busy at the time, so Kaza was forced to fight the Skrall. She entered the Arena Magna, and fought the Skrall, managing to destroy his shield and damaging his sword. Although the Skrall was a skilled fighter, the female Glatorian managed to defeat him by hitting his helmet off and cutting him along the face, blinding him on his right eye. After Kaza defeated the Skrall, he suddenly sprang at her, almost killing her. Kaza was eventually forced to kill the Skrall, as he was killing innocent Agori on the observer deck during his riot.

Although s. he killed her opponent, Kaza was not exiled, as she had to kill him to prevent any other Agori dying. About a week after the fight, the Water Tribe was challenged by Tesara to the rights of an oasis. The Jungle Tribe used Mina, and the Water Tribe used Kaza. Despite her skill, Kaza lost, and Brulax, Toa Kodix, and Glatorian pictures 015.jpg Toa KodixAdded by Toa Kodix Kaza figting Mina Toa KodixAdded by Toa Kodix Tesara gained the oasis. She and Mina then became close friends, and Kaza asked her friend to train her with skills which Certavus didn't teach her. Kaza and Mina, along with all the other Glatorian, traveled to the Arena Magna to compete in the Great Tournament. During the first round, Atero was attacked by the Skrall. Kaza and the other Glatorian fought the Skrall, hoping to save the Arena, but the Glatorian were forced to retreat due to the increasing Skrall numbers and the arrival of Zetak and his squad of Special Forces Skrall.

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