Trekking In Himachal

Himachal Pradesh is one of the fascinating areas of the Indian Himalayas. Famous for its breathtaking valleys, hill temple architecture, handicrafts and hospitable people, Himachal was founded in 1966 with the unification of a number of princely states, combining the grandeur of royalty, rugged natural beauty and modern tourist infrastructure. The state covers a total area of 56,019 sq km, most of which is hilly and mountainous terrain.

Trek to Inderhara Pass

The trek to the pass is long and goes over soft snow and a number of icy streams covered with hard snow have to be negotiated. Such type of conditions is mostly during the end of April, May and June. The trek passes over rock faces and at certain points involves very steep climbing. Inclement weather with zero visibility obstructs the movement of a trekker. This pass provides a very scenic view of both Kangra and Chamba valleys and offers distant view of the Middle and Greater Himalayas. The other side of the pass remains snow-covered until the middle of July.

Day 1Mcleodganj to Triund 2875 Mts.Distance: 9 Kms.
Day 2 Triund to Lahesh Cave 3500 Mts. Distance: 10 Kms.
Day 3Lahesh Cave to Indrahara Pass 4350 Mts. & back to TriundDistance: 10 Kms.
Day 4Triund to McleodganjDistance: 9 Kms.

Trek to Moon Peak: (4610 Meters) :

Moon Peak can be attempted through a ridge on the right side of the Illaka glacier straightway to the top. The other possibility to scale them is to climb the Indrahara Pass (4350 m) and then traverse a ridge on the other side of the pass and approach the peaks in most easy way. This route is safe and easier one. The winter ascent to these peaks requires a good technical knowledge and one must have proper climbing gears.

Day 1Mcleodganj 1770 Triund 2875 Mts.Distance: 9 Kms.
Day 2Triund to Lahesh Cave 3500 Mts Distance: 10 Kms.
Day 3Lahesh Cave to Mun Peak 4610 Mts. over Indrahara Pass 4350 Mts.
Back to Lahesh Cave.
Distance: 10 Kms.
Day 4Lahesh Cave to TriundDistance: 9 Kms.
Day 5Triund to McleodganjDistance: 9 Kms.

Trek to Dhauladhar Matterhorn :

Dhauladhar Matterhorn or the Gauri Junda (4916 m) is located to the northeast of Dharamshala and is the highest peak in Dharamshala region. This peak requires technical climbing and therefore one must have technical know-how of mountaineering. The route to the peak approaches from Tang Narwana village to Toral Pass (4575 m) and then to the peak. The other route is from Jia Village to Supdhar, a camping place, below the Talang Pass and then to the peak after having one camp below the peak. The last ascent to the peak is almost vertical and is purely technical.

Day 1Mcleodganj to Jia by BusDistance: 20 Kms.
Day 2Jia to old Chamunda Devi Temple 3000 Mts Distance: 7 Kms.
Day 3Old Chamunda Devi Temple to Supdhar & Base CampDistance: 10 Kms.
Day 4Base Camp to Camp1Distance: 5 Kms.
Day 5Camp1 to Peak & back to Base CampDistance: 8 Kms.
Day 6Base Camp to Old Chamunda Devi TempleDistance: 10 Kms.
Day 7Old Chamunda Devi Temple to Jadrangal and then to McLeodganj
(10 KM by Bus)
Distance: 16 Kms.

Trek to Kareri(Bleni Pass 3710 meters)

Day 1Mcleodganj to KareriDistance: 13 Kms.
Day 2Kareri to Kareri Lake Distance: 13 Kms.
Day 3Kareri Lake to Minkiani Pass & Back to Kareri Lake.Distance: Kms.
Day 4Kareri Lake to KareriDistance: 13 Kms.
Day 5Kareri to McleodganjDistance: 13 Kms.

Trek to Minkiani Pass (4250 Metres)

Day 1Mcleodganj to KareriDistance: 13 Kms.
Day 2Kareri to Kareri Lake Distance: 13 Kms.
Day 3Kareri Lake to Minkiani Pass & Back to Kareri Lake.Distance: Kms.
Day 4Kareri Lake to KareriDistance: 13 Kms.
Day 5Kareri to McleodganjDistance: 13 Kms.

Round Trek in Dhauladhar Foothills

This 14 day tour (7 days/06Nights on trek) from Delhi to Delhi, is an easy trek going through mixed forests of Oak, Rhododendron and Deodar in the foothills of the Dhauladhars. On the way we visit several tribal villages. The trek offers added attraction for the bird watchers. Beautiful alpine meadows carpeted with flowers and medicinal plants, pasturelands, flocks of goats, sheep and wild birds and superb views from the passes make this a most wonderful route through a landscape dotted with many villages where we pause to meet the villagers and relax.

Snow Line Trek

Due to its nearness to snow line, this is the most popular and easy trek starting from Dharamsala, Mcleodganj. After walking 12 km from Mcleodganj we can reach Illaka got, situated at the snout of a small glacier. Illaka got marks the snow line. This is 06 day tour (02 days on trek) from Delhi to Delhi.

Trek To Lahaul Spiti over Kugti Pass

A 20-day tour (13 days trekking) that begins and ends in Delhi. We start the trek in McLeod Ganj and end at Sansa (near Keylong) in Lahul valley, after crossing Inderhara Pass in the Dhauladhars and Kugti pass in the Pir Panjal range of Central Himalayas. Crossing Kugti Pass, we trek over snow, ice and a glacier for three to four hours- physically demanding. From Kugti Pass it is possible to see the snow capped mountains beyond Lahul valley on one side and Mount Kailash and Manimahesh Dhar on the other. Rapey, the first village beyond Kugti pass, provides an open view of Pattan, the green valley of Lahaul. We visit Hindu temples and tribal villages on the way.

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