The largest democracy in the world, India, is also home to the oldest civilization in the world, that is the Indus valley civilization. It is land of variations, where you can find diversity in landscape, climate, appearance, food, clothing, language, religion, culture and tradition. This makes India an interesting place to spend your vacations. First to the North, we have beautiful and snow clad Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Uttaranchal which are at the foot of Himalayas.


India can be a tourist’s paradise if you love to travel and explore the charm and appeal of nature’s scenic beauty. In India you will get every thing as this is one such place that offers something to every one. The nation has lots of sightseeing places that you can enjoy with your loved and dear ones. Explore the top destinations of travel in India and make memories that you will surely cherish throughout your life. Here we will be discussing about the various places of sightseeing in India that people should visit to get the true feel and spirit of the nation. India is truly incredible and a wonder that you will love to explore. While on a tour to India, make sure you donot miss out trips stated below as these are some of the best and top things to see in India.

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